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Pottery, a masterpiece created by soil, water, wind, fire, and the human soul .

One of them, "Ido Chawan"

"The last Korean potter" reproduced in modern times

With Mr. Jung Han-Bong (Senhan Feng, No., Tosen)

His second daughter and successor, Jung Kyung-hee (Princess Chikei).

To completely reproduce "Ido Chawan"

Also to pass on the technology to the next generation

With the souls of the teacher (father) and the disciple (daughter)

The climbing kiln can be lit today as well.

In this work, we have been making traditional bowls for 70 years.

By recording the story of Dr. Jung Hanbon, Suisen

It represents the fire of an indelible soul of an artist. 
Through his works, he has reproduced traditional ceramic art throughout his life.

The simple life of a potter and the art of pottery seen from it

I hope you can feel the sex.
He is also a father and daughter, but also a master and a disciple.

Draw the daily lives of Mr. Jung Han Bong and Mr. Kyung Hee, and from there

The meaning of inheriting the emerging traditions and the tradition of intangible culture

I would like to convey the importance of.

불숨 포스터1.jpg

Title: Prusm

Genre: Documentary

Playback time: 98 minutes

Voice: Korean

Subtitles: Korean, Japanese

Director: Ko Hee-young

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