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A documentary film "Mulsum" that approaches the life of an ama who lives in Udo, a small island located in the east of Jeju Island.
"Mulsum" contains the word meaning death. What is taught for the first time as an ama is neither how to collect abalone nor how to swim.
"Watch out for breathing in the water, don't be greedy in the ocean."
That is.
In the film, it begins with what the ama actually do, and the class of the ama, the activity area according to the class, and the implicit rules between them are reflected in detail.

Jeju Haenyeo who have stronger motherhood and vitality than anyone else. Director Ko Young-hee was paying attention to its existence even before it was registered as a UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage.

Born in Jeju, she stayed in Udo, a small island next to Jeju Island, for seven years from 2008, observing and filming the life and life of Jeju Haenyeo.

After more than a year of editing, he released the documentary film "Mulsum, Breath of Water".


"Mulsum" was published as a picture book by the Spanish painter "Eva Almicen" who is active not only in movies but also in the world, and recorded a big hit with 17 prints in just two years. It is now published in English, Spanish, and Japanese as well as the Korean version.

Also, one of the highlights is the photograph of the ama women by the famous Korean photographer "Kim Hyun".

(Kim Hyun's HP: )

물숨_1 (1)_edited.jpg

Title: Mulsum

Genre: Documentary

Playback time: 81 minutes

Voice: Korean

Subtitles: Korean, English

Director: Ko Hee-young

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